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Hortonworks Collaborating to Generate Even More Accurate Customer Insight.


Hortonworks, Inc., a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, today announced momentum across the digital marketing and advertising industries, fueled by intelligent decisions derived from data. Consumers generate a tsunami of data when they research, discuss and buy products. For marketers, this data is invaluable for shaping and promoting a brand or product, but unstructured data is difficult to process and analyze with legacy platforms. Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) bring all types of data from consumers to the point of analysis. Now advertisers can store new types of data, combine it with the data they already have and retain all data for much longer which ultimately boosts customer loyalty and return on investment.


Luminar is the leading big data analytics and modeling provider uniquely focused on delivering actionable insights on U.S. Latino consumers to advertisers. The company uses HDP to store and process the data that feeds its targeting models. With HDP, Luminar was able to capture eight times more customer behavior data while reducing processing time for new inbound data from hours to minutes.

“We are growing our business and building our client portfolio by applying big data to the U.S. Latino consumer market,” said Franklin Rios, president at Luminar Insight. “We are improving our ability to listen for what U.S. Latino consumers want and to communicate that voice to more clients through innovative applications running in Hadoop.”


Webtrends is a digital optimization and analytics company that helps its clients provide meaningful experiences to their customers, whether in person or online. Webtrends was an early adopter for both Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, and it turned to Hortonworks for a connected data architecture bridging its on-premise data center and the cloud. Webtrends’ connected data platforms now ingest one petabyte of IoT data every six months, streaming in from diverse sources like cell phones, watches and automobiles. Webtrends then quickly turns that data into actionable intelligence for the digital marketers that it serves.

“Webtrends has saved money over the long haul because we’ve been able to leverage commodity hardware for a Hadoop ecosystem. That’s millions of dollars saved,” said Peter Crossley, chief technology officer at Webtrends. “HDP with HDF gave us the flexibility to build new products without having to build an ecosystem or even provide a new data format to manage that data set. We can add new technologies and it works seamlessly with that ecosystem.”

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