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How can Conversational AI Differentiate Your Business?
June 9, 2020 Blog


COVID-19 is a humanitarian crisis that has disrupted many day-to-day processes, but it has also served as an undeniable catalyst for change. Due to social-distancing practices, the ways we work and communicate with others have shifted online almost overnight. Both companies and individuals are forced to accelerate the adoption curve.



Even in uncertain times, one thing is certain – it is important for businesses to build engaging interactions that deliver value to their customers, as customers continue to expect quick, consistent and 24x7x365 service.

As a Customer Service leader, how do you mobilise agents instantly? How do you provide straightforward yet precise answers across digital platforms? How do you resolve customer and employee inquiries across multiple channels with ease?

As if the questions above were not daunting enough, how do you address them when your contact centres are operating at reduced capacity?

Conversational AI can help!

By embedding Conversational AI into your existing platforms, you empower your business to withstand increased loads with the speed and stability.

Conversational AI supplements existing teams by automating responses to repetitive queries in a cost-effective way, freeing up live agents for addressing complex queries.

Enterprises of all sizes across the globe are seeing powerful results when they apply Conversational AI to customer service. Leading contact centres are investing in industry leading customer platforms like Watson Assistant to empower customers and agents to be more productive.

So, what are the key use cases you can address with Conversational AI?

Another common annoyance for customers is being unable to access product information or after-sales support. Frustrated customers may take their frustrations out on agents, contributing to agent attrition – which runs as high as 30%1. Rather than have agents wade through large amounts of data, Conversational AI platforms can ease this by pulling up the right information from diverse sources of existing content to create highly personalised answers.



Despite the benefits of Conversational AI, it is not a one-size-fits-all answer to improving customer service. You need to consider factors such as staff attrition, ease of recruitment, the complexity of your offering and case volume predictability to determine a best-fit AI solution.

To help you understand how Conversational AI can differentiate your business by improving customer service, automating tasks and augmenting experiences, IBM has prepared a masterclass series.

Join experts to learn Conversational AI concepts that are helping businesses better engage with customers. Click here to watch the first episode.