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How Do You Align Your Business Goals with Your Cybersecurity Strategy?
December 9, 2020 Blog


As many organisations today are undergoing a digital transformation, cybersecurity vulnerabilities are also emerging. At the same time, businesses, in general, are experiencing disruptive changes in their operations and systems, altering the landscape altogether.

One good example is the accidental convergence of IT and OT (Operational Technology). Before, IT was the prime target for cyber attacks, while OT only dealt with critical operations – typically in a separate “bubble” outside the IT environment. However, with technology advancements and as organisations embrace IR4.0, OT has become smarter, more efficient and interconnected than ever, resulting in the convergence of these two vital areas of business.

While all this is happening, companies are still faced with a challenge: an apparent disconnect between the people in charge of the business and experts in charge of the cybersecurity. In the past, lines of business and IT security teams worked independently of each other; business executives’ jobs were to keep the business running while security experts were tasked with protecting IT operations from risks.

However, this approach is now outdated with companies going increasingly digital and data becoming the core of the business. It is imperative for the people in business and security to be more aligned with each other in order to adapt and triumph in their digital transformation journey so that the business as a whole can move forward with minimal risk.

There should be a language that both can understand so that they can gain a full perspective in cybersecurity. If you ask non-technical executives about how secure their organisations are, they probably may not be able to answer. Same goes with IT experts; they may not give the whole picture since they are only looking at what security measures they have in place but do not have extensive knowledge about the business.

Executives should know what lies in their security to improve the business more and security experts need to understand the context of the business to know what areas of the business would pose the greatest amount of risk and impact to the company. Only then – by aligning the business and security – can people begin to answer how truly secure their organisation is.

In fact, when we speak about IT, the conversation is no longer about how IT can support a business – IT has now become the business. Today’s businesses are no longer confined within the boundaries of an office or building. IT has become ubiquitous as employees and customers rely more than ever on online communications and transactions, either through desktops or mobile devices.

As such, protecting a business’ most important assets have become much harder than ever, exacerbated by the fact that the security perimeter has expanded tremendously and operations of the business are now virtually everywhere. That is why there is huge importance in bridging the disconnect that has long existed between the business and cybersecurity in order to protect these assets from various risks and vulnerabilities.

To help businesses achieve exactly that, AOPG, in support with Tenable, presents a digital showcase titled “Building Cybersecurity Aligned Businesses”. In this exclusive digital showcase, experts from Tenable, including Bob Huber (Chief Security Officer), Gavin Millard (VP of Product Marketing), Richard Bussiere (Technical Head, Operational Technology for APAC) and Adam Palmer (Chief Cybersecurity Strategist), will discuss how the threat landscape has changed and why having a security-aligned business is so vital.

The showcase consists of three tracks, each featuring curated videos related to a specific area that businesses need to work on and understand to become more security aligned. The first track, titled “How Secure Are We?”, discusses the modern era of cyber exposure, the language of security and the math behind exposure scores.

Track 2 revolves around the topic, “Aligning Business and Security”. It is an important part of the showcase as it goes into the details of how companies can achieve alignment, even in the face of organisational resistance and build a roadmap for future success.

The final track explores the importance of “Prioritising Cyber Risk”. This track will share compelling findings from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research on the growing challenge of cyber risk management. You will also find out why your business should evolve to risk-based vulnerability management and what the key priority areas should be for your organisation.

This is a not-to-be-missed showcase. To register, click here.