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HPE opens first Global IoT Innovation Lab in Asia Pacific
February 8, 2018 News HPE IoT


HEWLETT Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the opening of its Global IoT Innovation Lab – Asia Pacific (APAC), located at HPE’s APAC headquarters in Singapore.

Digital workplaces, intelligent spaces and the Internet of Things (IoT) are creating a leap in magnitude of the amount of data that will need to be processed. All of that data and the resultant action is taking place at the edge – the Intelligent Edge.

The HPE Global IoT Innovation Lab – APAC is one of four globally that offers immersive Edge Experience Zones to demonstrate practical IoT use cases for industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, retail, smart cities and more.

The lab also provides a proof of concept environment to test the newest IoT technologies that best analyse data and develop solutions where data is generated at the edge.

As the first and only one in this region, the HPE Global IoT Innovation Lab – APAC houses co-developed technology solutions with local startups from the InnovateNext programme, such as gridComm’s smart street lighting solution and XJERA Labs’ Artificial Intelligence-based image and video analytics solution.

“Intelligent processes and data analysis are being done today in places that are not bound to the confines of data centres or within clouds,” said Dr Tom Bradicich (pic), vice president and general manager of IoT and Converged Edge systems at HPE.

“For companies to reach the full potential of the Internet of Things and edge computing, software-defined solutions that integrate both IT and OT are essential. At HPE’s Global IoT Innovation Lab – APAC, we will look to prototype, benchmark and test edge deployments confidently with our partner ecosystem, so as to enable smarter industries across the region.”

Some of the key IoT solutions being showcased at the HPE Global IoT Innovation Lab – APAC include:

  • Smart street lighting, co-developed wit Singapore startup, gridComm
  • Artificial Intelligence-based image and video analytics, co-developed with Singapore startup XJERA LABS
  • Fan turbine condition monitoring, co-developed with National Instruments

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