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Huawei Launches Industry’s First-Ever 5G SA Network
February 21, 2020 News


Huawei has launched Convergent Billing System (CBS) R20 – the industry’s first ever 5G SA network based monetisation solution. The solution has already been deployed over the stc Kuwait 5G SA’s network, where as the “Dedicated Access” was offered to enterprises with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Rockred Zhang, President of Huawei Software Business Unit, commented, “There are various challenges facing 5G in terms of business model and ecosystem. To achieve monetization of all levels, a unified billing system is required for consumers of all ends such as individuals, households and enterprises. An agile and open system is also necessary to enable partners to expand their business fast enough. Therefore, Huawei launches CBS R20 to speed up monetization.”

Huawei has developed CBS R20 to lead the industry in terms of monetisation, standards setting and system architecture on top of the long-standing investment in the domain of monetisation. With the extensive collaboration with partners in exploring 5G service business models, Huawei also has developed CBS R20 to support a broad range of combinations involving more than 1,000 billing factors over different dimensions, as well as more than 100 common 5G service combos. CBS R20, a top contributor to 3GPP 5G billing standards, is consistent with billing Services based architecture and interface defined by 3GPP, so that a seamless upgrade is ensured for operators. The system also supports 5G NSA and 5G SA network. Furthermore, extra revenue can be generated from partners by opening more than 300 application programming interfaces (APIs). Meanwhile, CBC R20 fully supports containerisation and virtualisation, which can significantly lower OPEX through centralised management and operational automation. For instance, there will be no manual intervention with automated capacity expansion. Operators are also able to upgrade online to test new function in real-time, which shortens the project cycle from 4-6 months to just a month or less.

Huawei CBS is currently serving 2.2 billion subscribers via more than 200 CSPs globally. Supported by eight global service centres, four delivery facilities and five R&D centers, Huawei rolled out more than 20 projects in 2019, where more than 360 million subscribers are ready for the brand new 5G services.