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Huawei offers ISPs new digital solutions to attract customers


HUAWEI Enterprise Group is projecting revenues of US$10 billion (Bt318.69 billion) by the end of this year as it introduces three new solutions to the market to meet the needs of Internet service providers.

The enterprise division will enhance its various domains in 2018, including cloud, big data, campus networks, data centres, and Internet of thing (IoT), said Qiu Lei, vice president of the marketing and product solution sales department at Huawei Enterprise Group, and part of Huawei Technologies of Shenzhen, China.

With full-stack solutions across devices, networks and the cloud, Huawei works with partners to meet customers requirements. Those include service deployment, elastic resource release, big data analytics, and ultra-broadband DCI (data centre interconnect) in order to help ISPs in their digital transformation and to remain competitive in the digital era, said Lei.

Huawei can offer a one-stop innovative ICT infrastructure platform, as well as provide customers with various resources within data centres, including high-density and high-performance servers, distributed storage, and agile interconnection networks and infrastructure for different Internet services.

“Asia Pacific region plays a very important role,” said Lei. “In the coming future, we will strive to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world. In this digital economy era, the Asia Pacific is one of the most promising regions with rapid growth of Internet users at 14 per cent compound annual growth and e-Commerce at 32 per cent CAGR.

The result will be US$300 billion (Bt9.56 trillion) worth of economic growth in the next 10 years. “There are abundant opportunities for Internet access and cloud data centre development in the region,” said Lei.

He added that his enterprise business group has high potential growth, with the digital integration of Asean propelling the rapid growth of the digital economy and a safe and smart life, to fuel national economic progress and drive the development of an intelligent society.

As digital changes people’s live, he said, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Asia Pacific are increasingly developing their business and driving innovative technology in e-commerce, social networking, mobile gaming, mobile payment, and travel domains across countries. Together with governments and local enterprise, they are promoting the development of the digital revolution and digital integration, and innovative ICT has become an important driver in this new era.

The firm launched three new solutions to the market at the Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit 2018 in Hong Kong last week. They are: its next generation FusionServer V5 platform solution, CloudCampus solution, and FusionPower 5000-S uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for large data centres in Southeast Asia.

United Information Highway (UIH) is the first digital infrastructure and solution provider in Thailand to utilise the CloudCampus solution to support its customers.

Sunti Medhavikul, managing director of UIH, said that the firm laid down the CloudCampus solution to support its business early this year. The system allows it to offer cloud services featuring high bandwidth, large capacity and high reliability to support its mid-range to high-end corporate customers.

Lei said that to harness the full potential of the digital economy, it is crucial for ISPs to move towards a robust ICT infrastructure that will accelerate their digital maturity.

By the end of this year the enterprise business group will generate revenues of $10 billion, a 30 per cent growth over last year, said Lei.

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