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Huawei Recognized for Innovative Solutions Aimed at Enabling Cities in their Smart City Development


Huawei was awarded three prestigious titles — “Most Promising Smart City Infrastructure”, “Public Safety Solution” and “Cloud Infrastructure Solution” — at the 2018 Information Management Awards organized by NetworkWorld Asia (NWA).

As a global leader in information and communications technologies development, smart consumer device innovation and smart city ecosystem creation, Huawei has applied these technologies and innovations to develop proven smart city concept, anchored in the belief that fast, open, innovative and integrated solutions for cross-agencies data sharing and data exchange is key to building livable and sustainable cities of the future.

Frank Lu, Vice President of Solutions Sales, Huawei Southern Pacific Enterprise Business Group said: “Huawei believes strongly in leveraging technology such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to create a strong nervous system designed to enable informed decisions and intelligent actions for a truly smart and safe city. We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to continuously innovate and be the leading digital partner to city administrators on their smart city journey.”

“From the votes garnered during the judging process, it is clear that Huawei is regarded as a leader in smart city solutions, encompassing technology in public safety and industry digital transformation. Growing recognition for its smart city solutions is testament to Huawei’s leading innovations in this space,” said Victor Ng, Enterprise Group Editor, Questex Asia.

Huawei was awarded “Most Promising Smart City Infrastructure” for its innovative city dashboard and partnership approach towards building a sustainable Smart City ecosystem. Huawei’s Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC) is a city dashboard, dubbed the “brain of smart cities”, for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing data, and using it for managing and making decisions for city events, emergencies, security, transportation, and other services.

Huawei has been championing the concept of safer cities through technology and IoT applications, working with cities worldwide to develop a safe city solution framework focused on data collection, aggregation, convergence, and applications. Huawei Safe City Solution was awarded “Best Public Safety Solution” for its ability to enable integration, sharing and visualisation of city information resources to improve government service efficiency, cross agencies collaborations for rapid decision making.

Lastly, Huawei was awarded “Best Cloud Infrastructure Solution” for its FusionCloud Private Cloud solution which taps on cloud computing and big data technologies to provide resource pooling and full-stack cloud service capabilities, effectively addressing business challenges and enabling industry digital transformation.

At present, Huawei’s Smart City solutions are serving more than 120 cities in over 40 countries around the globe. Looking ahead, Huawei will remain committed to connecting the physical and digital worlds in cities and designing Smart City nervous systems in partnership with its customers.

The Information Management Awards, organized by NetworkWorld Asia (NWA), recognizes Asia’s leading providers of Data Management, Security and Storage solutions for their huge advances made over the last few years. The 7th annual Information Management Awards bears testimony to the innovation and responsiveness of these solution and service providers in meeting the growing needs of end-user organizations due to the burgeoning adoption and application of big data, IoT, cybersecurity, the hybrid cloud and AI.