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IBM Debuts Self-Service AI-Powered Ad Experience to Enable Conversations Between Brands and Consumers


Watson Ads Builder Can Bring the Power of DIY Conversational Design to Brands

IBM  yesterday announced the launch of Watson Ads Builder, a self-service advertising solution that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) designed to empower creative agencies and developers to help them build engaging, one-on-one conversations between brands and consumers across any digital property.

Watson Ads Builder is designed to enable agencies and developers to ingest and understand a brand’s information and create dialogue that is unique to each consumer, helping to deepen engagement and drive brand loyalty. For example, a creative agency can leverage Watson Ads Builder to create a unique brand experience for an airline client. The ad can enable a conversation and answer the most anticipated questions, like the best time to purchase a plane ticket or details around in-flight experiences — all based on near real-time dialogue.

Prior to Watson Ads Builder, the typical conversational design solutions might take months to develop and could require specialized skills and manual effort. Watson Ads Builder can help simplify this process by using Natural Language Generation and Watsontechnology to encourage brands to create, deploy, chat and connect with consumers with speed.

“Consumer expectations are shifting, and people expect the ability to communicate with brands on demand,” said Jeremy Hlavacek, Head of Revenue for IBM Watson Advertising. “Watson Ads Builder can change where, when and how brands connect with consumers — helping marketers increase loyalty and purchase consideration.”

Watson Ads Builder is the next generation of Watson Ads. Since launch, brands like Behr, Best Western, Campbell’s Soup Company, LEGO, Lufthansa and Toyota have leveraged IBM’s AI-backed ad experience to help them deliver answers to consumer questions within an ad in near real-time.

Along with featuring innovations that help solve world issues, IBM Watson Advertising will host an interactive experience to help marketers build their own chatbots and offer them the opportunity to share their personal expectations for technology. Watson Advertising will also tackle ad fraud and brand safety as part of a panel discussion that explores how brands are using technology for good.