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IBM, Hortonworks tackle big data in Hadoop analytics partnership

Comments from Big Community Content Manager:

The partnership between IBM and Hortonworks makes it evident that IBM is committed to using them as their Hadoop partner over any other vendor. It doesn’t look like just a marketing strategy as they clearly have technology integration. It is evident from this that they are working towards providing a scalable storage with this infrastructure under the Hadoop cluster. 

IBM and Hortonworks have partnered to offer the use of IBM Storage with Hadoop.

The partnership will see the two tech giants offer the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) for IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) and IBM Spectrum Scale. This means that IBM clients will now be able to run Hadoop analytics directly on IBM Storage without needing isolated analytics storage silos.

The partnership is a pairing of IBM’s enterprise storage with Hortonworks analytics applications, with the combined solution offering IBM clients the choice of centralised or distributed deployments. Organisations will be able to improve business efficiency with the data management, backup, security and hybrid cloud storage afforded by the platform.

Ultimately, by eliminating the need to copy data from enterprise storage to a separate analytics platform, data based queries can be actioned much more quickly.

“Every organization is becoming a digital organization. With this announcement IBM is
delivering a powerful platform to extend the use of data and for cognitive applications,” said Ed Walsh, general manager for IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure.

This latest partnership further cements the relationship between Big Blue and Hortonworks, which last year saw the two companies announce the availability of Hortonworks HDP on IBM Power Systems.

“This agreement further expands our relationship with IBM, continuing our relentless focus on customer value and success” said Chris Sullivan, SVP Global Channels and Alliances, Hortonworks.

“With the data expertise of Hortonworks and leading storage technology from IBM, these certified offerings will help customers accelerate adoption of their modern data applications.”

Now available on both IBM Storage and IBM Power, clients now have increased choice when selecting the platform for their Hadoop distribution. This new agreement will enable IBM clients to also leverage their existing and future investments in IBM storage in deploying Hadoop based big data applications.

Further still, this latest agreement will provide existing Hortonworks HDP customers an enterprise-class storage alternative with IBM Spectrum Scale for their Hadoop and Spark workloads.

It is hoped that the agreement between the two companies will lead to certification of Hortonworks HDP on Power with IBM Spectrum Scale by end of April and Hortonworks HDP on x86 with IBM Spectrum Scale by end of May.

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