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IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Internet of Things 2016 Predictions (On-Demand)
December 11, 2015 Blog big data IoT

This webinar was originally presented on November 4, 2015 by and the video can be viewed in full here

IDC FutureScape reports assist to shape enterprise IT strategy and planning by providing a basic framework for evaluating IT initiatives in terms of their value to business strategy now and in the future. IDC’s FutureScapes is a set of decision imperatives designed to identify a range of pending issues that CIOs and senior technology professionals will confront within the typical three year business planning cycle. Each decision imperative is assessed on the basis of its complexity, organizational impact, and time frame to expected mainstream adoption.

In this IDC FutureScape presentation, Vernon Turner and Carrie MacGillivray will discuss the key imperatives that will impact enterprise investment decisions in the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next one to three years. Senior IT leaders, line-of-business executives, and IT vendors will come away with guidance for managing the implications these imperatives harbor for their IoT investment priorities as well as the future of their digital transformation.