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Infineon and E2open Awarded Best Technology Collaboration at the Annual Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala Dinner


Global Production Network project will help Infineon achieve its digital transformation strategy and better serve customers in fast-moving markets

Infineon Technologies AG and E2open received the prestigious Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) Award in the category of Best Technological Collaboration. The award was presented at the 2019 SICC Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, held on April 3, 2019, by guest of honor and Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing.

The collaborative Infineon and E2open project, entitled “Global Production Network,” established a platform based on E2open’s Manufacturing Visibility technology for Infineon to achieve global visibility over its manufacturing related supply chains, involving both internal and external manufacturing.

“The anticipated impact of the manufacturing visibility with E2open is significant,” said Dr. Mathias Duemmler, senior director of factory integration at Infineon. “In addition to the benefits realized so far, this project has contributed to progress with our process automation roadmap. This esteemed award honors the partnership between E2open and Infineon and will certainly boost our successful digital transformation journey.”

With the Global Production Network project, E2open and Infineon connected former siloed manufacturing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems within its widespread network of internal and external factories and created a holistic view of production, quality control and material allocation across the supply chain.

Automating the exchange of data between disparate systems will improve productivity by eliminating the manual and labor-intensive processes of consolidating spreadsheets and allowing users to focus only on exceptions that require attention. Streamlined quality processes will increase profitability, generating higher yields and reducing scrap costs by identifying defects or non-conformances earlier in the production cycle. The E2open solution enables availability of accurate real-time data to many other Infineon business processes and systems.

“E2open considers it an honor to help Infineon achieve its Global Virtual Factory vision and put in place a technology framework for the future. This prestigious SICC award is recognition of what two forward-thinking companies can build together in the pursuit of digital transformation,” said Michael Farlekas, president and chief executive officer of E2open. “The E2open platform provides the breadth to meet Infineon’s immediate needs, the depth to grow with the company as business processes mature and the agility to accommodate future changes in corporate strategy.”