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Informatica Announces Industry’s Most Comprehensive Solution for Enterprise Streaming Data Management


Informatica®, the enterprise cloud data management leader, today announced the general availability of the industry’s most comprehensive solution for enterprise streaming data management, enabling organizations to harness, ingest, process and act on streaming data in real-time to make timely, data-driven decisions in their operations.

In addition, to help organizations realize the full potential of real-time analytics, Informatica is offering free technical workshops on best practices for developing and operationalizing analytics projects.

The new Informatica streaming solution includes Edge Data Streaming, Big Data Management, and Informatica Big Data Streaming. The unified solution will help organizations overcome the challenges of managing large volumes of real-time insights streaming into data lake environments from multiple data sources, insulate against changes to development languages which can hinder developer productivity, and remove the need for workarounds to stitch together existing incomplete streaming data management solutions.

Updates to the Informatica solutions include:

  • An SLA-driven brokerless approach using Informatica Edge Data Streaming to ingest all data, enabling the data to be collected and processed without any loss. With its brokerless architecture, Edge Data Streaming continuously ingests data across multiple on-premises or cloud source-to-target patterns without the need for specialized development.
  • A new high-volume mass ingestion capability for databases included in Informatica Big Data Management enables organizations to rapidly integrate structured data from multiple data sources in single step to boost developer productivity. In addition, the new AI-driven solution with the CLAIRE™-based Intelligent Structure Discovery allows data engineers to automatically parse data from semi-structured data sources like IoT devices or web clickstreams into structured forms.
  • New to Informatica Big Data Streaming is the ability to extend support for the latest version of Apache Spark Streaming, enabling organizations to instantly benefit from its speed, while extending support for Microsoft Azure EventHub, and empowering organizations to collect data from more data sources in the cloud.