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Innovative Applications Emerged from Big Data Analytics

Malaysians Developed Life-Changing Applications at the National Big APP Challenge 3.0

Kuala Lumpur, 19 September 2016 – Big Data Analytics (BDA) was the driver behind the development of innovative and life-changing applications at the third National Big APP Challenge, organized by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) recently. Served as a strategic platform to encourage the extensive use of BDA in the public and private sectors, the Challenge called upon developers, entrepreneurs, and students to create applications for the betterment of businesses and the public in general.

The Challenge was concluded with the announcement of winners for two of its tracks – Professional and Academia. WatchUs, an emergency response solution, took home the winning prize for the Professional Track. The team, led by Adrian Wong Teck Keong, created WatchUs during Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit’s (MAMPU) 48 Hour Open Data Public Sector Hackathon. WatchUs is used to assist with emergency services by connecting members of the public to multiple emergency teams, directly. The solution functions include transmitting data such as GPS coordinates, ETA to hospitals and real-time pre-hospital information such as videos, pictures and EKG results.

“The idea behind WatchUs is to reduce the time spent right from the initiation of an emergency request up until the response by emergency personnel. We realised that in those critical moments, a lot of time is spent by callers to convey information to rescue personnel. This could be done through WatchUs instead. From the initiatives by MAMPU and MDEC, we were able to turn WatchUs into reality” said Wong, representing his team.

WatchUs is one of the 200 solutions funneled into the year-long Challenge from various MDEC-endorsed hackathons throughout the year including AngelHack Kuala Lumpur, JomHack: SmartCities, APU Big Data Week Hackathon, CIMB-SAS Data Science Challenge, Unlock Design: AI Robot & Big Data Hackathon, Dreamcatcher-Fusionex BDA Hackathon and KDU-Quandatics Hackathon; all of which were aimed to spearhead conversation surrounding Big Data.

Ir. Dr. Karl Ng, Director, Innovation Capital, MDEC said “Malaysia is at the forefront of Big Data Analytics (BDA) development. The Big APP Challenge is part of MDEC’s effort to encourage and increase the adoption of BDA across all sectors in the country. The Challenge is a platform for the nation’s brightest application developers to come together and tap into the power of Big Data to create commercially viable solutions to solve socio-economic problems.

“Our effort continues with the launch of the ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange (ADAX), a regional platform that brings innovative talent development models and showcase the latest BDA technologies, all at a single venue.” he said.

The Academia Track, which was opened to tertiary students, was won by students from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation. The team, which consisted of Chin Koh Shian; Dickson Pang Yee Sheng; Hiew Ming An and Manigandran Raamanathan, won for their project Affinity Analysis and Prediction which helps identify students’ strengths and interest, with the aim to reduce dropout cases using analytics.