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Interview with Ng Wei Keong, Director of Business Solutions, Fusionex


Fusionex Business Solutions Director, Ng Wei Keong met with Big Community recently to share with us his views on Big Data initiatives in the region, as well as what is in store for the future of Big Data.

“The ICT adoption rate for advanced workloads in the urban countries like Singapore and Malaysia, are very much different from the emerging countries like Vietnam or Myanmar. Furthermore, the government and private sectors have their own priorities. Having said that, we agree that the Big Data Adoption rate is gaining speed. We can see a lot of traction over the last one year”, says Ng.

The governments priorities in the emerging sectors tend to focus on the economy rather than look into advancing technology or changing their current infrastructures. Big Data adoption will take a back seat for countries with that economic structure.

Evangelising is key in growing a digital economy. It won’t flourish without program accelerators jump starting initiatives in our region.

“The Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation is doing huge contributions in Malaysia in terms of kick-starting and evangelising the digital economy for the region”, he added. There have been numerous kick-start projects and initiatives in the country to create the awareness and understanding towards the digital economy platform this past 3 years.

The budding industry in the region is also creating job opportunities and study options for those intending to pursue it. Big Data is no longer a buzz word as it is an accepted part of society today. Whereas algorithms are becoming the next big topic within the industry.

“With data alone, you can’t do much. We need to get the meaning from it. Students or those thinking of moving into this field should focus on algorithms. It basically defines the value of the data itself”, he said.

Other than finding out about algorithms through online courses, Ng supports the role that government agencies are playing  to encourage and motivate  students to be more involved in these areas.

“If you look at it, the technology, process and governance is almost there. When it comes to people readiness, we aren’t there yet.”  To this end he fully supports the government in their efforts to bring in the experts , and boost the education industry locally”

The future of visualisation with data has taken big steps in the past year with the introduction of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Machine Learning technologies.

“Data now is coming to an age where visualisation can translate the data in terms of volume and in terms of insights for the clients. Data alone will give you the binary conclusion. Whereas emotion gives value to data instead of a simple ‘yes or no’ reply to a query.”

Companies that think about changing the lives of people around them will be those that make a difference and will stand out in the market today. Ng believes that creating job opportunities is an important role that vendors can take up.

“It’s not always about the profit. We can use the tools and technology to create more job opportunities in countries where we want to improve the situation that people are facing in struggling economies. We need to look at the bigger picture. When the world gets smarter, we will be at a different level, that will improve lifestyle all around”, he shared.