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Intralinks DealVision Uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Decision-Making
March 18, 2020 News


SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. introduced Intralinks DealVisionTM to help buyers effectively evaluate M&A targets. The SS&C Intralinks solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to organise due diligence information effectively, manage deal teams and gain insight into the project status.

Buy-side deal teams spend a significant amount of time in virtual data rooms (VDRs) sorting through and analysing information provided by sellers. In many cases, that data is uncategorised or missing, which can lead to delays in the due diligence process.

“The DealVision product is very exciting and has the potential to provide a lot of value for companies executing multiple deals at a time, given the bandwidth constraints that Corporate Development teams face during the due diligence process,” said Edward Morell, Strategy and Business Development, CertainTeed Corporation. “We are pleased Intralinks launched this initiative based on the feedback and input of its customers. With Dealvision, we are addressing a significant hurdle.”

DealVision features:

  • Automatic categorisation and alignment of content in the seller’s VDR with the buyer’s due diligence checklist
  • The ability to assign specific files and folders to members of the deal team, consolidate findings in a centralised location, and manage Q&A within the application
  • Real-time dashboards that provide transparency into the deal team’s progress
  • A secure collaboration workspace for buyside teams that is linked to – but separate from – the seller’s VDR

“In this ultra-competitive M&A environment, deal teams have to quickly make informed decisions about whether opportunities are a strategic fit,” said Ken Bisconti, SVP & Co-Head, SS&C Intralinks. “DealVision helps buyers quickly find the information they need and collaborate on findings. This AI-enabled solution is another example of our ongoing commitment to revolutionizing global dealmaking.”

SS&C Intralinks is a pioneer of the virtual data room, enabling and securing the flow of information by facilitating M&A, capital raising and investor reporting. SS&C Intralinks has executed over US$34.7 trillion worth of financial transactions on its platform.