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It’s All About Going Digital
June 22, 2020 News


“COVID-19 acted as a force of change for organisations all over the world. Companies that used to have employees doing all the work now realised they can use technology to get work done much faster,” said Craig Hayman, CEO of AVEVA during a virtual media briefing with journalists at the AVEVA World Digital Summit.

The virtual summit which kicked off a few days ago saw AVEVA and Schneider talk about how their solutions have helped businesses around the world in their digital transformation journey as well as customer use cases on various technologies.

According to Craig, AVEVA themselves had to embrace digitalisation and new normal of work following the pandemic. It’s a reality that everyone has to accept and do something about it.

“The world changed very quickly. The companies supply chain couldn’t change that fast. There was a rapid shift in demand and consumption. Many long global supply chain processes were disrupted and now had to look at how local supply chains specialised in their services.”

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO of Schneider Electric, pointed out that some of their customers had no vision and zero experience when it came to digital transformation. Schneider was able to guide and help them build their digital presence towards IR4.0.


IT/OT Convergence

During the summit, Schneider also announced the expansion of its partnership with leading technology companies to address the convergence of IT and OT. Bringing together system integrators with IT solution providers to build integrated industrial edge computing solutions, the expanded partnership has resulted in the immediate release of three programs including: new reference designs, co-developed with AVEVA, and integrating solutions from Lenovo and Stratus; a learning path for system integrators; and a collaborative online community for learning and sharing opportunities within Schneider Electric Exchange.

The industrial edge programs from Schneider Electric empower system integrators to expand their value to the end-user, enabling their customers’ industrial digital transformations. These new designs are a key factor in industrial edge success.

Based on the most common use cases in industrial automation, the reference designs reduce risk and time to market with fully customisable, pre-integrated EcoStruxure Micro Data Center solutions for any edge environment. System integrators will be freeing up time from the IT architecture to focus on the software and solutions, thanks to fully validated, secure solutions designed to the standards requested by IT departments.