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ITU agrees on standard for big data
February 12, 2016 Blog big data

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ITU members have approved the first ITU standard for big data, defining the requirements, capabilities and use cases of cloud-based big data.

The new standard was developed by the ITU-T’s Study Group 13, the expert group responsible for future networks, cloud computing and network aspects of mobile communications.

It describes the meaning of big data and the characteristics of the big data ecosystem from a standardization perspective, and outlines how cloud computing systems can be used to provide big data services.

The new international standard also provides definitions for big data as a service provided to cloud customers.

“This new ITU standard provides internationally agreed fundamentals of cloud-based Big Data,” said Chaesub Lee, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau.

“It will build cohesion in the terminology used to describe cloud-based Big Data and offer a common basis for the development of Big Data services and supporting technical standards.”

ITU secretary-general Houlin Zhao added that “new frontiers in ICT innovation are coming within reach thanks to advances in data collection and analysis. The ICT industry will welcome these advances and ensure that their benefits can be achieved on a global scale.”