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Job Opportunities Beckoning The Digital Revolution


Searching for the right career path is an arduous and stressful task often times. From discovering and honing personal interests while studying in school, to acquiring a job of similar interests that pays the desired salary, not forgetting to look for opportunities for personal and professional growth. One is constantly trying to strike a balance.

In recent times, new and exciting career paths have opened up, making headlines in the technological space. In particular, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to name a few. The pay offered for positions in this space can be considered some of the highest in the world.

The hype these new technologies have created, and the sudden demand for skilled analysts, has created a deep void of skill and talent around the world. The conundrum being, the dawn of automation and predictive analysis is lacking the skills needed to let it take effect. The automation revolution needs to be built by human hands before it can become machine operated and fully automated.

These new job scopes pose a new set of challenges while at the same time, solving others. For one, the jobs, or potential jobs, are already here, but the talent and skills aren’t. Skills require training. Training requires time and time is what we are lacking the most of.

Here’s where the ASEAN Data Analytics eXchange (ADAX), an initiative by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) comes in. The ADAX is a functional office located in the heart of the city, that is able to address any and all inquiries into aspects of the Digital Economy and Big Data Analytics. From training programs, to start-ups, gaining advice from industry experts, sandboxing and many other options and solutions available to both incumbents and experienced business owners who want to expand their horizons.

The ADAX is specifically designed to aid the country’s deficiency in skill and talent through its programs that gets its students into the working force quickly and efficiently. Their training also involves getting the students intern opportunities at top companies to help give them the necessary experience. They target to provide 2,000 Data Scientists by 2020 and 20,000 data professionals by the same time.

Another area that has been making waves in recent years and that has immense potential in creating job opportunities, is through competitions. Hackathons, to be precise.

Hackathons are by definition, a coding and idea generating event that is usually supported by a certain industry to garner and pool the best ideas to solve some of the issues within that sector. Hackathons are run worldwide within different time frames, from 24 hours, to months or years and across continents. Some offering prizes of up to 150,000 USD for being picked as best app. Often, professional Data Scientists are seen heading the teams at the hackathons.

Most hackathons have no entry requirements, allowing anyone, with or without knowledge in code language, to join in and learn the ropes. This is an excellent platform to rub shoulders with industry experts with a positive direction to get the masses involved in and be aware of the technology that is available. Mentors and expert panellists are on hand to both invigilate and advise the participants on their ideas and how to go about putting together their presentations.

Other than these two solutions available as a means to address the afore said void, there still are numerous avenues for one to approach and become part of this booming trend. From free online courses such as coursera, language support groups such as MyRUG, to seminars and workshops set up across the country, there is tremendous support. Just click on ‘Big Events’, ‘Big Education’ or ‘Big Employment’ on this site above to get more information and open up a new horizon for job opportunities and career advancement.