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Joget Inc. Announced Joget DX, Next-Generation Open Source Digital Transformation Platform
March 5, 2020 News


Joget Inc. announced the general availability of its next generation open source digital transformation platform – Joget DX. Joget DX is packed with a number of highly anticipated new features that can accelerate an organisation’s digitalisation and innovation initiatives. The new features are innovations in Progressive Web Apps (PWA), DevOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Application Performance Management (APM).

Joget DX combines the best of business process automation, workflow management and low-code application development in a simple, flexible and open platform. Business and technical teams are able to collaborate in order to rapidly build full-fledged enterprise applications visually, anywhere, anytime.  It is possible to build and deploy a full-fledged enterprise application with Joget’s capabilities which containes process automation, data management, reports and mobile support in 5 minutes without coding.

“At Joget we constantly listen to our customers and ensure that their needs are incorporated into our plans. Our plugin architecture makes it easy to extend Joget not just by us but also our customers. Joget DX is just a reflection of the demands from our customers,” said Raveesh Dewan, CEO of Joget Inc. “While we are releasing DX, the team is already working on new features on enterprise governance for application development that will be beneficial for our large customers across the globe.”

“Joget is focused on innovation to disrupt the low-code application platform market and is dedicated to bringing new capabilities on an on-going basis,” said Julian Khoo, SVP of Product Innovation at Joget Inc. “As they say – necessity is the mother of invention – and we consider this our directive to continuously surpass our customers’ needs.”