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KDDI, Soracom to offer IoT solutions worldwide
August 9, 2018 News Internet of Things IoT


Japan’s KDDI has teamed up with IoT platform subsidiary Soracom to offer IoT business services internationally, starting with launches in Singapore and the US in July.

The two companies plan to combine the Soracom IoT telecoms platform with systems integrations services offered by local KDDI subsidiaries. KDDI operates 100 such offices worldwide.

The services will also cover a range of necessary functions for IoT system construction and operation, including transmission line management, device management, cloud connectivity, and private network connections.

Soracom’s Air for Cellular LTE and 3G based data SIM service for IoT devices is also available in more than 100 countries and territories.

The service offers functionality including subscriber management, line management making the service free of charge when not in use, and the ability to control multiple SIMs from a single user console or API.

In a statement, KDDI said linking its IoT business infrastructure with the Soracom telcoms platform will allow both companies to “make powerful progress in the construction of an IoT platform that works globally,” supported by the companies’ “accumulated IoT/M2M knowledge and customer bases.”

KDDI arranged to acquire Soracom in August last year for a reported 20 billion yen ($179.8 million). At the time, KDDI revealed that the companies plan to promote expansion of their joint IoT platform worldwide.