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Keppel Urban Solutions and ST Engineering to collaborate on smart city projects


Keppel Corporation subsidiary Keppel Urban Solutions and Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will leverage each other’s expertise and resources in the design and implementation of smart city masterplans and solutions in Keppel’s developments as well as to collaborate on third-party projects in Asia Pacific.

According to an announcement, the partnership will tap  Keppel Urban Solutions as an end-to-end integrated master developer. ST Engineering has completed over 500 projects in more than 70 cities, including contributing smart technologies to the Smart Nation drive of Singapore

The partnership targets cities and developments looking for end-to-end services that weave in Smart City technologies seamlessly. The custom built-to-design Smart City technologies work to improve user experience, liveability, sustainability and resource-efficiency in tandem with the site’s population, land use, community facilities, physical characteristics as well as social and economic conditions, the companies noted.

Beginning with Vietnam, where Keppel has a strong presence and track record, the partnership may also be extended to other markets. One of the projects that Keppel and ST Engineering will embark on is Saigon Sports City, a 64 ha development, envisaged to be Vietnam’s first one-stop sports, entertainment and lifestyle hub, focused on sustainability, connectivity and community.

Technologies in the pipeline under consideration include smart street lighting, smart security management, autonomous vehicles and mobile robots, drone network solutions, and smart environment monitoring. The partners also intend to roll out relevant smart solutions in other Keppel developments.