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Keysight Accelerates Silicon Photonics Wafer Production with Fully Automated One-Stop Test Solution
September 10, 2021 News


Keysight Technologies,  a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced the new NX5402A Silicon Photonics Wafer Test System | Keysight integrated with Keysight PathWave Semiconductor Test software technology (part of Keysight PathWave Test software), which enables semiconductor manufacturers to speed delivery of silicon photonics wafer production with stable and repeatable test capabilities.

Silicon photonics is one of the key emerging technologies addressing growing internet traffic and demand for higher data rate. Silicon photonics’ primary applications are in the datacentre market, driven by big data and cloud applications, but it is expected to be used in other areas, including healthcare, automotive Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), optical computing and quantum computing.

According to a recent market research report by Yole Développement, the overall silicon photonics market will reach $3.9 billion in 2025. As a result, many manufacturers are considering silicon photonics fabrication. However, there has not been any commercially available silicon photonics testing equipment for mass production using fully automated wafer probers. In addition, silicon photonics testing requires a variety of sensitive and accurate measurements. Companies and system integrators are pursuing system optimisation and maintenance due to complex and inefficient communications with multiple vendors.

“Ahead of the growing market demand for silicon photonics, Keysight is excited to announce the first test solution for silicon photonics volume production market”, said Shinji Terasawa, vice president and general manager at Keysight’s Wafer Test Solutions group. “Our NX5402A test system is the first solution that combines Keysight’s expertise in electrical and optical measurement with Keysight’s fibre alignment and positioning system integrated by PathWave Semiconductor Test software”.

Keysight’s new NX5402A Silicon Photonics test system delivers the following key customer benefits:

  • One-stop. Provides proven measurement technologies and direct support capabilities, including integrated optical and electrical test capabilities and Keysight-developed fibre alignment and positioning system based on Keysight’s measurement science.
  • Fully automated. Eliminates manual operations with PathWave Semiconductor Test software that is compatible with Keysight’s SPECS software, enabling one-pass silicon photonics testing.
  • Volume production ready. Factory automation software, safety interlock and clean room ready features support manufacturing use, providing high throughput testing based on multichannel optical and electrical test architecture, as well as optimised fibre alignment.
  • Demonstrated system performance. Maintains high accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility from laboratory to fabrication, delivering advanced wafer-level photonic calibration, as well as reliable performance monitoring with built-in automatic system diagnostics.