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Kinetica Announces OEM Agreement with Leading Technology Solutions Provider for Tackling Extreme Data


Kinetica, provider of the insight engine for the Extreme Data Economy, announced it has collaborated with Dell EMC OEM Solutions to offer a bundled solution that provides its users with exceptional performance and versatility for extreme data workloads. Customers can now move quickly from raw data to actionable insights that help transform their business.

As more users, devices, and things come online, it becomes increasingly important to build digital relationships. Dell EMC OEM and Kinetica combined forces to establish a modern data platform that can correlate massive data sets across users, digital things, and edge devices –and translate them into instant insight. Many business rely on legacy database technologies that use serial computing, where they store, manage, and analyse data with CPUs. This is no longer enough to deal with the volume and complexity of extreme data. Innovative organisations are turning to GPU-accelerated insight engines to address these extreme data challenges.

“Customers today are relying on big data analytics to make impactful business decisions,” said Ron Pugh, vice president and general manager for the Americas, Dell EMC OEM Solutions. “We are excited to collaborate with Kinetica to deliver a solution that offers massive amounts of additional computing performance for real-time streaming data, machine learning and geospatial visualisation of enterprise workloads.”

“We have been working closely with Kinetica, as part of their rich ecosystem of partners, to help our customers unleash the power of accelerated analytics to ultimately transform their data-driven businesses,” said Kevin Connors, VP of Sales at NVIDIA. “Kinetica’s latest partnership with Dell EMC coupled with NVIDIA GPUs, can help users achieve unparalleled performance with breakthrough speed of results.”

“Companies across the globe are evolving the role data plays within their business,” said Paul Appleby, CEO of Kinetica. “Previously, in the manufacturing economy data was used for business validation; as we evolved to the service economy, data was used to make informed decisions; and, now, in the extreme data economy our business is powered by data. Dell, NVIDIA and Kinetica are combining forces to provide enterprises with the freedom to analyse data whenever it is most valuable and gain instant insights that revolutionise the way they do business.”