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Konica Minolta offering solutions for the future of work


As businesses continue to invest in a digital future, new technologies and solutions continue to innovate the way we work. Today, there are various solutions available to make employees achieve greater efficiency at work. Service providers also continue to bring new ideas and solutions for businesses targeting IR4.0.

Konica Minolta recently marked another milestone as a premier supplier of solutions for the future of work with the launch of its Konica Minolta Experience Centre. The centre showcases their dedication to providing end-to-end IT, IoT and other Office Solutions.

Koji Yoshida, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Malaysia said, “We feel that IoT is important for businesses to digitise their workforce. In Malaysia, our focus is more on helping SMEs in their IR4.0 journey as reachability and scalability for products is key for SMEs.”

Echoing Koji was Jason Kwok, General Manager, Sales Division Konica Minolta, “By next year, we will launch our workplace hub. That means our machines will come with a platform. At a later stage, we will also have our data centre and provide all the applications through cloud services for SMEs. We want to make it affordable for them.”

With printers as their core business unit, Konica Minolta recognises that digital transformation is key for modern businesses. The new centre consists of three main areas which can work independently or be integrated into a customized workflow. They include:

  • The Digital Office – offering outsourced and integrated IT solutions such as Document Capturing, Document Management, Enterprise Resource Planning modular systems as well as office print and scanning solutions.
  • The Professional Printing – includes production printers (AccurioPress series) and industrial printers (AccurioLable series and MGI)
  • The IoT hub – offers autonomous mobile robots, IoT security and monitoring cameras along with a healthy stable of digital manufacturing solutions.

The Enterprise Resource Planning solution from Konica Minolta is a total cloud-based, web system built with data-driven innovative technology to meet client requirements in a single solution platform. Entirely customisable to fit all business needs and operations, the solution facilitates the growth potential of businesses by integrating all facets of operations.

Mobotix, the IoT security and monitoring solution camera detects threats, crimes, incidents and monitors fleet to ensure safety. It also comes with Thermal Radiometry, generating an alarm if temperatures exceed or falls below the pre-defined temperature range. The videos recorded are encrypted ensure data security and privacy.

“Mobotix and the other solutions are already being used by some businesses in Malaysia. We are using Mobotix to monitor our employees as well as production at our plants in Melaka,” explained Jason.

Konica also rethinks office print solutions. Its newly revealed lineup of bizhub i-Series offers greater security, interactivity, simplicity and productivity. Konica partnered a renowned cybersecurity provider to ensure maximum security with its connected printers. With connected devices being a target for cybercriminals, the i-Series has top-class security packs, real time virus scanning, self-encrypting SSD and network security managed by bizhub Secure services.