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Kronos AI-Powered Solution Maximise Healthcare Organisations Staffing Agility
June 16, 2020 News


Accelerated innovation in healthcare to augment personnel staffing, scheduling, benefit payment, and enterprise-wide resource planning in this unusual time highlights crucial demand for Workforce Dimensions from Kronos Incorporated. By simplifying workforce management and human capital management (HCM) processes, the cloud-native, AI-powered solution transforms the delivery of value-based care to equitably match labour supply with demand, enhance critical decision making, and optimise both the employee experience and patient satisfaction in today’s evolving digital healthcare system.

Kronos delivers agile solutions and services to more than 3,500 hospitals and 10,000 post-acute providers, including more than 1 million essential healthcare workers adopting Workforce Dimensions and its flexible, easy-to-use suite of human resources (HR), pay, scheduling, talent management, and timekeeping solutions.

  • Hospitals can manage essential resources in the moment, taking a coordinated approach to filling disaster-related and non-traditional staffing needs with the emergency response unit configuration in Workforce Dimensions. This centralised virtual staging area allows managers to digitally schedule, assign, and track resources across departments, pop-up hospitals, testing sites, and other locations in times of need.
  • As hospitals react quickly to changes in patient volume, managers leverage virtual dashboards to identify short-staffed departments or open shifts and instantly transfer available staff resources inside the scheduling software to where they are needed, all in accordance with established labor models and staffing regulations.
  • By enabling organisations to monitor and measure productivity trends in real time, embedded analytics can simplify complex workforce planning across the enterprise. Easy-to-interpret insights and key performance indicators (KPIs) help managers quickly determine if targets for labour hours, overtime, and costs are being met, empowering them to take quick and corrective action.
  • Analysing workforce data and benchmarking performance trends over time and across decentralised systems is possible with expertise from Kronos Professional Services to guide long-term decision making, budgetary decisions, and financial forecasting models.
  • Automation helps to streamline employee contact tracing in the workplace: A new Kronos reporting capability analyses time and attendance data in Workforce Dimensions to quickly identify employees who were clocked in at the same time and same location as a co-worker testing positive for COVID-19 or other communicable disease.

Hospitals increasingly rely on Workforce Dimensions to mobilise staff, monitor and minimise fatigue risks, and maximise resources – while building an engaged workforce.

  • Mobile self-service capabilities enable staff to work where they want or wherever they are most needed, which allows organisations to scale quickly during emergent situations. While managers can broadcast open shifts and fill coverage gaps, communicate schedule changes, and stay connected to the reliable data they need to make informed decisions within any care setting, employees can complete important actions from their mobile device – like clocking in and out, checking schedules, and requesting time off.
  • Workload-based forecasting and scheduling streamline care delivery and fatigue management: Nurse leaders can equitably distribute workload based on level-of-care intensity and create balanced schedules from intelligent volume forecasts reflecting real patient flow patterns.
  • Simplifying daily tasks, Workforce Dimensions empowers staff to set their own schedule preferences and availability, swap and choose open shifts, request time off, and ultimately reclaim work-life balance. Schedules can be built using AI-based recommendations that factor how much time employees should have off between shifts, or the maximum hours they can work in a given period, and alert managers to potential future compliance or policy violations.
  • To help organisations achieve exceptional outcomes faster, Kronos customer success and strategic healthcare advisory teams, along with systems integrators intimately familiar with healthcare IT strategy and infrastructure, funnel personalised implementation support to health systemshospitals, and post-acute providers.
  • Through a robust technology partner network and enterprise application marketplace, Kronos fosters close, active collaboration with leading healthcare-focused software providers and developers leveraging the open and extensible Kronos D5 platform to expand on the capabilities of Workforce Dimensions.