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image Enhances Enterprises’ Safety with IoT Tracking Solutions
February 19, 2021


Indonesia-based is boosting the country’s logistics industry with innovative IoT solutions, in line with the government’s “100 Smart Cities Movement” to promote smart city solutions and digitalisation. Providing enterprise-ready software platform for day-to-day GPS fleet monitoring and workforce management, the startup centralises its technology to help businesses achieve growth and profitability with safety and efficiency.

Amidst the pandemic, eCommerce in Indonesia saw unprecedented growth resulting in the direct surge of the need for long-haul deliveries and hence, better logistics and fleet management. This is where is stepping up as an enterprise IoT platform with fleet management and tracking solutions as two key offerings,” says Fariz Iskandar, Founder and CEO of


Connecting 17000 islands: Tapping into a burgeoning market

The logistics market in Indonesia grew by 45.95% between 2013 and 2018. It is expected to witness further growth of 10.27% between 2020 and 2025. As the demand surges, connecting a group of 17000 islands efficiently is not an easy feat and local players here face several challenges.

One of the main struggles is ensuring maximum safety of sellers and consumers by verifying driver’s identities. This is where’s unique solutions like iButton and DSM come to help identify and verify drivers, while enabling remote monitoring of their behaviour, respectively. also offers a GPS tracker that provides real-time updates on the fleet.

With a steady increase in Indonesia’s road accidents in the last five years, maximum on-road safety is another key requirement.’s ADAS gives collision warnings in advance while the axle load solution helps drivers and employers monitor the loads. The Immobiliser enables employers to control engines remotely- they are able to interfere and stop vehicles during emergencies. To further ensure the drivers’ safety, there is a Panic Button that helps them send out SOS signals. emerges as one of the leading IoT platforms in Indonesia with these holistic solutions. The startup is currently looking for investment to expand further its mission of connecting Indonesia and helping future-proof the burgeoning logistics industry.