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Logitech Introduces a Collaborative Whiteboard Solution For Hybrid Offices and Classrooms
June 18, 2021 News


Logitech is creating a more equitable meeting experience for remote participants with the launch of Logitech Scribe, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered whiteboard camera. Logitech Scribe, compatible with leading services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with incredible clarity, virtually transporting everyone into the same room.

From meeting rooms to classrooms, Logitech Scribe comes at a crucial time when hybrid work and learning has become more pervasive. Logitech Scribe makes brainstorming, teaching, and team meetings equally accessible and productive for all participants through its simple-to-use design. Levelling the playing field for distributed teams, Scribe gives everyone — in-room or remote — a perfect view of the board.

Enhanced integrations with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms make the experience effortless. In-room participants can begin sharing whiteboard content into video meetings by simply pressing the wireless button included with Scribe or tapping the meeting room touch controller, like Logitech Tap. The wireless button currently works with Zoom Rooms, and support for Teams Rooms will come later this year. Scribe also works as a USB content camera with virtually any video conferencing application, providing the flexibility to use Scribe in meeting rooms, classrooms, or even home offices.

“With the majority of Southeast Asia having to adapt to remote work and education, businesses have largely pivoted to a hybrid working model, while the education sector is increasingly embracing virtual and distance learning. However, there remains a gap in integrating non-digital content such as whiteboards, or sticky notes, into virtual meetings,” said Bryan Lee, Head of Video Collaboration, Logitech Southeast Asia. “Logitech Scribe closes the virtual and physical gap for meetings and lessons, allowing one to simply pick up a marker and draw on the whiteboard, facilitating an engaging environment to improve collaboration and enhance the learning experience. Thanks to its compatibility with popular cloud services like Teams and Zoom, we can now elevate non-digital collaborative content in high fidelity, in a seamless manner.”

Scribe’s built-in AI delivers a transparency effort, granting an unobstructed view of the whiteboard

Capturing dry erase surfaces up to six by four feet, Logitech Scribe is a dedicated whiteboard camera that gives virtual meeting participants a clear, real-time view of the whiteboard. Using built-in AI, Scribe can render the presenter transparent, so remote users can see the whiteboard with nothing in the way, and automatically enhances the colour of markers so the content is easier to read. Scribe even has the ability to detect other non-digital content like Post-its, a favourite tool for collaboration sessions. Whether viewing from a laptop at home or on the meeting room display, Scribe makes sure everyone has the best seat at the table.

With a clean, wall-mounted design and thoughtful cable management, Scribe elegantly blends into any modern office or classroom. Plus, it comes with everything you need to quickly get it up and running. Together with the whiteboard content camera, Scribe includes a wireless share button, mounting components, power supply, and category cables for deployment at scale. With Scribe, Logitech is expanding what it does best: creating collaborative tools that make it easier for people to interact with the digital world in more natural and meaningful ways.

“With the almost immediate corporate change from in-office to work from home, this past year has required us to make a lot of adjustments. Logitech may have seen these same issues, but they didn’t stop working and created a great product,” said Will Cool, video conference standards and operations at PayPal. “Scribe brings the ‘in-room collaboration’ feeling to global conferencing through a sleek and modern whiteboard device. Scribe’s high-definition imaging and plug-and-play connectivity make for an effective and easy to install tool that is essential within the hybrid collaboration industry.”

“Whether your mission includes creativity, design, development, or teaching, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what the tech-enabled collaboration of the future can look like with Scribe’, added Bryan.