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LogRhythm Finds the Perfect Distribution Pairing with M.Tech


LogRhythm, today announced the signing of an agreement with M.Tech for the distribution of its award-winning cybersecurity solutions to the Asia region. This new partnership addresses the urgent need to cater to the region’s rising demand of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities in cybersecurity solutions. M.Tech will ensure efficient and well-supported distribution of LogRhythm’s products to customers in highly digitised Asian countries, and thereby increase the credibility of its own portfolio.

Headquartered in Singapore, M.Tech has a well-established presence in Asia with 32 offices in 16 countries, of which M.Tech will distribute LogRhythm in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. The company provides a host of current cybersecurity and network performance requirements – from firewalls, web security, intrusion prevention and security analytics to cloud networking and network virtualisation.

“In light of unpredictability of threats today, companies need more robust security systems that harness AI and machine learning to ensure no threat goes undetected and security workflows are easy to manage. Hence, we’re excited to meet these needs through our partnership with M.Tech, which has the experience and networks that we can tap on to increase our visibility amongst such customers in the region – ones are looking for a seamless, advanced and reliable solution to safeguard their organisation,” said Joanne Wong, Senior Director for APJ, LogRhythm.

Known to selectively partner with companies that are established in their own domains, M.Tech will be able to add the distribution of LogRhythm’s esteemed SIEM solutions that gather log data, surface alarms and provide actionable insights from advanced analytics, data forensics, and incident response capabilities to their established list of vendors.

“In the face of unprecedented threats, our customers want solutions that can guarantee protection over their operations as much as possible. The AI-based solution that LogRhythm offers has smart capabilities that far exceed basic SIEMs, telling security teams exactly how to respond in a timely fashion. We’re looking forward to higher customer satisfaction with LogRhythm as our partner,” said Stanley Foo, CEO of M.Tech.

LogRhythm’s customers in Asia include key players in Asia financial services, utilities, transportation and communications sectors. LogRhythm’s products and solutions are now available via M.Tech.