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Looking to Transform Your Business Systems – Seek Out the Answer on IBM’s Solutions Partner Platform
October 13, 2021 News


What do IT vendors do when they have literally thousands of technical solutions and products available to solve any number of business or nation-state challenges and also a massive ecosystem of partners using their technology to build even more targeted solutions?

Sounds like a nice problem to have.

This is precisely what was on the minds of the IBM ASEAN team when they came up with the idea of the IBM ASEAN Partner Solutions portal.

IBM is many things to many people.  From building cutting-edge chatbots, to securing data centres, through to creating environments to accelerate application development, IBM has a vast array of technology that has been leveraged by a wide variety of partners across almost every industry vertical that exists.

Marketing is a challenge, and in an era when online communications need to be targeted and relevant, IBM needed to find a way to put the right partners and technology in front of the right clients and customers.

The journey to cloud really is still in its infancy, and whilst we have seen significant growth of SaaS providers spring up from nowhere, the truth is that companies that have been running and developing core applications for decades are now doing the heavy lifting to move critical infrastructure and applications into cloud environments.

IBM is playing a big part in making this happen.

Not only does IBM have a world-leading cloud platform and cloud native apps available to partners; they also have the know-how of working with partners to deliver and manage mission-critical applications for decades. That’s why so many ISVs and integration partners are investing in their partnership with IBM as they move to cloud native.

So, what is IBM doing to connect the dots? How are they bringing potential clients together with the growing list of solutions providers? Through a collaborative effort with that same ecosystem of partners, they have launched the ASEAN Partner Solutions portal –

The portal is constructed as a directory that allows you to search for specific solutions and find IBM partners that may have what you are looking for.

It is free to access, and you can search by your location, your industry and the technology you are interested in to then find a list of partners that have the solution you need. You can then browse each solution provider in detail and request to be connected to them if you feel you want to make contact.

Cloud is starting to come of age; the players with track records of delivering serious business solutions over decades are evolving their know-how to leverage cloud, microservices, AI, analytics, along with automation. And as they do so, their technology partner of choice is IBM, whom they have trusted and worked with for many years across many technology shifts.

If you are looking for a modern application that leverages any of the technologies that are underpinning today’s transformation and looking for a local expert solutions provider to work with, take a look now at the partner solutions portal.