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M1’s Mindy becomes more intelligent
August 21, 2018 News chatbot


M1 Limited (M1) announced that it will see Mindy, a Chatbot launched nine months ago, supporting its customers with subscription of selected value-added services (VAS) starting today.

Mindy was first launched to assist M1 customers with queries on M1’s products and services, round-the-clock. After nine months into launch, she has expanded her knowledge and is now able to support transactions to subscribe and un-subscribe services such as Data Passport, Roaming Subscription, Pay-Per-Use Roaming and Data Roaming Cap. With Mindy, M1 customers can perform these transactions very quickly, anytime and anywhere. This service extension is first-of-its-kind in Singapore.

“Our continued efforts to better serve our digitally savvy customers have shown results. Mindy is now able to process transactions, besides assisting our customers with queries on our products and services. This will also see our customer service officers upskilled to perform higher value-added queries that require complex decision-making. Together with Mindy, we continue to strengthen our customer experience across all touch points to serve our customers even better,” said Mr Stamford Low, Director, Customer Service, M1.