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Machine Learning to Help Employers Quantify Skills Gaps and Personalize Learning Experience
January 25, 2019 News


Voxy integrates machine learning models to personalize courses to align with learners’ specific goals, interests, and career context to accelerate the path to English proficiency.

Voxy announced today the launch of a new tool that seeks to understand each learner’s nuanced language needs in order to deliver personalized language instruction online. The new functionality, which will be incorporated into Voxy’s user onboarding flow, draws upon machine learning to connect learner goals and interests with targeted recommendations from over 20,000+ pieces of instructional content and live instruction.

Voxy’s investment in the development and application of machine learning to personalize each learner’s experience with its existing content library represents a step-change in the historically content-focused language learning market. By continuously understanding user preferences and behavior, Voxy’s approach reflects recent advances in learning science and personalization.

“Machine learning is helping us to better understand the unique demands of individual employers and industries, tailoring to specific tasks and professions in ways that have historically been impossible to do at scale,” said Katie Nielson, Chief Education Officer of Voxy. “The pairing of learning science and machine learning is a step forward for language learning — a field that has been slow to embrace new approaches.”

Data generated from Voxy’s onboarding flow will funnel into Voxy’s Command Center, where program managers will be able to create rich dashboards and data visualizations to better understand the dimensions of employees’ language development and skills gaps. Access to rich analytics gives talent management the ability to track learner engagement, benchmark progress and quantify business impact and economic returns on English language skills.