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MAHB aims to position Malaysia as global aviation hub with 4 new agreements


Malaysia Airports Holdings (MAHB) has signed agreements with four aviation players – XPeranti and Sigfox, Daher, ExecuJet and IER – in a bid to position the country as a global aviation hub. The partnership between MAHB and XPeranti and Sigfox focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and solutions in Malaysia. IoT solutions provider XPeranti will be a nationwide IoT network operator by October 2018, having commenced deployment.

According to XPeranti’s COO Vicks Kanagasingam, the company will implement IoT solutions by wireless network provider Sigfox, to boost MAHB’s operational excellence, directly creating enhanced passenger experiences. He added that the company looks forward to working with MAHB in shaping and executing the Airports 4.0 digital transformation programme.

Meanwhile, MAHB will work with IER Group, a French subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, to explore innovative solutions to propose seamless travel experience across the Malaysian airports. MAHB’s chief strategy officer, Azli Mohamed, said it is co-designing a proof of concept with support from IER, on digital automation process targeted for one of the international airports in Malaysia, with unique profiling of passengers and destinations.

According to Azli, the partnerships with French-based aircraft maker and services provider, Daher, and private aviation jet company, ExecuJet, will be part of the Subang Airport Regeneration initiative. The initiative was launched earlier this year by partnering with several major aerospace and industry players, such as Axis REIT Real Estate Investment Trust, Senior Aerospace UPECA and Skyways Technics as a catalyst for the Subang Aerotech Park development

“A seamless airport journey does not only focus on the passenger’s destination. In fact, it starts right from the point when a passenger steps into the airport to board his flight,” Azli said. He added that every touch-point in MAHB’s airports is important to provide a positive perception and a joyful experience to passengers.