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Malaysia Airline 27 Hour Hackathon Challenge Aimed at Improving Passenger Experience


Malaysian Airline Berhad (MAB) will be introducing their inaugural hackathon which will commence on the 18th and 19th of February 2017. It will be held at the Malaysian Airlines Academy in Kelana Jaya and will be for a duration of 27 hours.

The theme for the hackathon will be ‘Innovate Traveler’s Experience’. The initiative by MAB is to explore the future of the travellers experiences from the point of view of the Malaysian Airline passenger. It is part of the initiative from the Group IT division of MAB.

Be part of the Malaysia Airlines Hackathon 2017! Take the 27 hour Challenge! Show us how technology can contribute in improving the traveler’s experience for the Malaysia’s national carrier!

Teams comprising of 3 to 4 individuals will be contending for lucrative prizes which include cash and travel starting with RM 20,000 plus return flight to London, RM 15,000 plus return flight to Sydney and RM 10,000 plus return flight to Seoul for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners respectively.

Hackathon, which is a combination of two words, ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’, will be judged on 10%  for user experience, 30% each for increment or innovation, impact, potential, sustainability, sharing resource and collaboration. Participants will be required to create solutions related to the airline industry and improve and further enhance the passenger experience of Malaysia Airlines.

Winners from the hackathon will also be entered into the National Big App Challenge (BAC) 4.0 and a 3 month incubation program with the MAB Innovation Lab.

The BAC 4.0 is the brain child of the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) which is currently successfully running on its fourth instalment. The selection of teams to be entered into the challenge is done by picking winners from hackathons that happen throughout the country within the year. They will be categorised into two tracks; Academia and Professional tracks.

Once the teams have been selected, they will be funnelled into the tracks and placed on a mentorship program from industry experts to further enhance their prototypes. They will also be trained on delivering their ideas to higher levels such as Venture Capitalists and investors.

The BAC 4.0 will culminate at the end of the year with both tracks being judged in a final showdown at a grand event organised by MDEC. They will be presented cash prizes which amount to RM170,000 for top 3 positions from each track.