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Malaysia Is Ready For Open Data


Is Malaysia ready to navigate the vast ocean of information and opportunity through open data?According to a report by the World Bank, the Open Data Readiness Assessment, she is ready to formulate plans that allow public access to government data.

The Malaysian government has teamed up with the World Bank to gain advice and recommendations for transparency and uses of its data that would offer insightful knowledge.

Being the first ASEAN country to take on the challenge of implementing the ODRA methodology, it will pave the way for other countries and members from the private sector to make more in formed decisions that help investments, utilise resources better and be a catalyst for positive effects to the economy.

To date, the agency commissioned to bring this and much more to pass, the Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), has run numerous nationwide programs, ranging from hackathons to seminars and public awareness campaigns that have garnered the approval from the World Bank and made Malaysia their first ASEAN delegate.

“Information is a vital capital in today’s world. Open Data facilitates the exchange of information across government agencies, help inform and improve public policy and program quality, and empower civil society to contribute more and better to policy making and program implementation,grounded in robust data,” said Ulrich Zachau, World Bank Country Director for South East Asia.“Worldwide, greater transparency leads to a healthier investment and business climate, which leads to higher growth, more jobs and better social services,” added Carolina Vaira, World Bank Senior Governance Specialist and ODRA team member.

Together with ODRA, Malaysia has a real chance to make a digital transformation a holistic journey that empowers each and every citizen through the information that is funnel led from all the government agencies.

By implementing this program for greater accessibility, we will potentially see a higher societal contribution to improving public policies, better policy making processes, social services and better job remunerations to name a few.

To help Malaysia achieve these goals, Big Community, together with MAMPU, are running the Big Open Wrangle challenge to bring Malaysians together for a greater cause. Together, we hope to improve the open data sets already in existence as well as to add better and more robust data sets.To be part of this challenge, just register at this link.