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Malaysia joins the world in Festival of Data
September 15, 2016

It has been a great week for Big Data on Malaysian soil as a host city for Big Data Week 2016 – the Global Festival of Data.

MDEC, which is the main supporter of any Big Data proponent, saw many tantalizing Big Data activities during this Data Science Week.

Data Science week, running from the 13th to the 15th, will be ending with a Hackathon to be held at APU. The hackathon will have MDEC represented as one of the judges on the panel.

The week saw tremendous sell out turnout to all the activities such as seminars on Big Data, Industry talks on Data Analytics, workshops and the Big App Challenge which is to lead up to BIGIT.

The Big App Challenge, which had its registrations for participants from 8th to 28th August, will be held on the 15th of September as the finale to the weeks activities.