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Malaysia’s on-demand nutritionist startup Go-Mad.AI in talks to raise funding for expansion

Go-Mad.AI, an on-demand nutritionist startup based in Malaysia, is in talks Cradle Fund and multiple angel investors to raise US$100,000 in funding.

The startup also has plans to expand into multiple regional markets, including Singapore and Taiwan.

“We’re looking to raise US$100,000 by the end of 2018. We have sought investment from Cradle Fund, and are waiting for the result. We aim to raise from VCs and angels first, and then will look for equity crowdfunding in the next stage,” its Founder Chenyi Ang told e27.

“As for geographical expansion, we are starting with Malaysia and then will expand into regional markets like Singapore and Taiwan. Expansion into China, India and Japan is also in the offing. In these markets, we will collaborate with local healthcare players,” he added.

Go-Mad.AI was founded by Ang, a tech enthusiast and expert in AI and blockchain, and Wenwen Chua (Co-founder). Go-Mad.AI is an on-demand nutritionist platform, which also pr0vides an Artificial Intelligence-based meal-tracking app. The AI feature enables users to identify the food composition by uploading the photo of the food items into the app.

The Go-Mad team

At a later stage, the company plans to introduce a customised AI food model to have a comprehensive food analysis, including nutritional info for balance diet tracking. There will also be food suggestion and health alert features.

“We aim to pioneer the development of AI model by developing a virtual dietitian model by using Machine Learning techniques,” he said.

In Malaysia, Singapore and other developing/developed countries in Asia, the rising living standards have contributed to the alarming rise in lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. There is also a lack of nutritional knowledge and awareness and access to nutritionists. The Go-Mad team aims to help people maintain their health by connecting them with professional nutritionist and also through AI technology.