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Malta’s first Big Data Summit – building a data-driven economy
August 8, 2016 News


Malta’s first Big Data Summit held at Xara Lodge, Rabat was the first event of its kind to be held in Malta, bringing together a diverse group of business and technology leaders, academics and policy-makers to discuss big data and how this is transforming today’s business world.

The Big Data Summit attracted over 350 delegates from different sectors, including iGaming, financial services, telecommunications, government, ICT and retail.

The event also brought together thought leaders from some of the leading players in the industry including Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft, Zendesk, HP and Salesforce, as well as independent international leaders from a variety of sectors.

The event covered a range of key topics and issues surrounding big data and its application today, including discussions about some of the major breakthroughs in the artificial intelligence and machine learning arena. Also addressed were topics such as the concept of ‘data philosophy’ and ‘data ethics’.

Other topics discussed were the application of big data in the sphere of transportation and the public sector. In particular, Wilfried Grommen, CTO for HP (EMEA), spoke about how big data has the power to change transportation. He explained how multiple sources such as cameras and weather services can provide useful information to drivers, such as traffic congestion information and weather conditions on the roads.

Also discussed were emerging trends and attitudes of millennials who want to use cars but don’t wish to own one thus presenting major challenges to the car industry as it is today whilst potentially creating opportunities for new forms of companies to grow in this space based on sharing economy type business models.

“It was amazing to see so many attendees from multiple sectors within the local economy attending the summit. There is clearly a strong interest in big data and analytics and we may hold another such summit, albeit with different content and topics next year,” said Daniela Castillo, one of the event organisers and head of marketing at iMovo.


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