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Managed Power Services: The Next Wave of Growth Opportunity
September 29, 2021 News


Authored By: Michael Kurniawan, Schneider Electric Secure Power Business Vice President for Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei


If a business is not growing, it is likely on its way to extinction. For businesses, staying on a growth path requires continuous investment in new technology and service opportunities. In ensuring consistent growth for businesses to sustain and thrive, the Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) recently announced the Digital Investments Future 5 (DIF5), in line with the MyDIGITAL blueprint to attract RM70 billion worth of investments by 2025.

Narrowing down to the focus of DIF5, one of the key emerging technology trends in innovation includes edge computing. Local companies are gradually becoming aware of the benefits of edge computing, especially in adapting to changing consumer demands. However, adoption is still low as Tech Research Asia (TRA) revealed that only 27% of firms in Malaysia have multiple edge computing sites. Local Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are looking for help with the adoption of edge, as well as the monitoring and management of these sites. Who better to help them tackle site management than their trusted partner?

Managed Power Services Opportunity

One of the biggest opportunities at the edge revolves around installing, maintaining and monitoring uninterruptable power supplies—Managed Power Services. Grand View Research revealed in a Market Analysis Report that in the wake of the outbreak of the global pandemic, organisations are witnessing a tectonic shift in operational procedures as fundamental business operations are increasingly getting reliant on network infrastructure. The adoption of managed services enables businesses to sustain and thrive by implementing automation in business operations, with a focus on core tasks. For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that have yet to invest in Managed Power Services, now is a good time to explore the opportunity.

However, adding a new offering such as Managed Power Services is not like flipping a switch. It requires thoughtful planning, execution and reliable vendor partnerships. According to leading MSPs, ramping up can take up to 3,500 non-revenue-generating staff hours to identify and implement the necessary tools and platforms, train the staff, and identify customer leads.

Putting that many hours into launching a new business can be a deterrent in a business where time is a scarce commodity. But working with a trusted vendor partner can significantly ease the burden of launching the service. A vendor with the resources and requisite expertise in edge management can help MSPs develop a successful remote power management practice quickly and cost-effectively.

Identifying the Right Vendor Partners

Vendors with mature partner programs provide support in multiple ways, from training and certification to recruitment strategies to business development initiatives and SLA (service level agreement) preparation. By working with a well-resourced, partner-friendly vendor, a provider stands to substantially reduce the risk associated with a new venture and boost the chances of success.

When delivering managed services, providers need vendors that understand and support recurring revenue models through subscription-based services that minimise upfront costs. This makes it easier to launch a new offering and add more services down the line.

The benefits of partnering with the right vendor include:

  • Technology – Access to reliable products, solutions and platforms is key to a successful launch, especially if the vendor partner is a recognised, respected brand.
  • Sales support – Availability of account managers, sales tools, configurators and a digital knowledge base from a mature vendor helps with business development, especially in the early stages of launching a new practice.
  • Partner ecosystem – Mutual support of each other by providing expertise and collaborating when needed.

Quicker Road to Success

MSPs looking to launch a Managed Power Services practice are more likely to succeed when partnering with an experienced vendor for a well-rounded edge management solution that delivers the insights, visibility and 24/7 service capabilities providers need to launch an edge practice. Schneider Electric introduced the Edge Software & Digital Services Program as a complete suite of financial incentives, support tools and certifications for IT solution providers. The program, created in response to the significant growth of edge computing, enables IT solution providers to establish recurring revenue streams by offering remote monitoring and management of physical infrastructure across their customers’ networks utilising Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT Software & Digital Services.

The bottom line is MSPs do not have to go at it alone to capture the growing Managed Power Services market. Working with the right vendor helps get the new business up and running affordably and quickly so providers can start generating new revenue streams sooner. With the right partner, companies can grow and thrive in the new normal as well as contribute to Malaysia’s digital economy.