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Managing Employees, the Smarter Way


Educating talents and employees can be a challenging task in today’s competitive business climate. Businesses want their staff to be able to manage the changes in an organisation quickly and efficiently, but often, it is difficult to manage and execute such tasks easily.

The Human Resources department in any organisation is responsible for making sure employees and employers adopt the best practices as well as ensuring the smooth transitions of the workflows and tasks. This includes onboarding, managing portfolios on employees, reviewing KPIs, managing salaries, leaves, CSR activities, financial best practices and other forms of tasks.

According to a study by Kronos Incorporated, 39% of HR departments believe they do not have the right technology to reduce administrative error, ensure consistency and improve accountability. 36% blame insufficient technology for their inability to automate and better organise their onboarding programs. These figures only show one part of the entire human resources portfolio.

Today, these tasks can be made easier with a Learning Management System (LMS), a software application that can help not only with administration and documentation but can also manage the end-to-end learning process for staff, whether it is for Online Learnings, Classroom Trainings as well as On-The-Job (OTJ) based learnings.

When it comes to measuring employees’ Performances and setting yearly Goals for them, Performance Management and Goal Management capabilities come in hand. Companies can use this technology to create goals and set targets for their employees to achieve. The system will then be able to monitor the employees continuously and record their results to determine whether the employees have met all the requirements or improvements steps need to be planned.

Like every aspect of business today, learning management has moved on. Old style approaches to developing staff are unlikely to “cut it”. As an example, today’s workforce is changing; Younger employees coming through respond to different learning approaches, with micro-lessons and video snippets becoming more effective tools than longer, instructor-led presentations. Therefore, the learning management system that you deploy today needs to leverage the most up to date and modern approaches to enhance employees’ knowledge and development.

By having a system that is able to monitor not only an employee’s workflow real-time but also evaluate their performance continuously, businesses will be truly transformed into an IR 4.0 company that is able to support the demands of the digital environment.

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