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Managing Talent with HR Solutions


In today’s economy, having the right people in your workforce is imperative as it will lead to increased employee engagement, higher productivity, greater customer loyalty and soaring profits. While the traditional way of speaking to employees and manually going through their performances to record their progress is still practised in most organisations, these methods can be very time-consuming.

Talent management solutions are improving and modernising, allowing organisations to use these solutions to identify the shared characteristics of their top-performing employees and build a model based on their results. Such models can then be used for hiring, coaching, promoting and succession planning.

More importantly, talent management solutions help improve the productivity of HR staff with self-service web interfaces and allow organisations to manage and access their employee details effectively on a real-time basis. This ensures the smooth transition of workflows, be it for onboarding, reviewing KPIs, managing employee portfolios, salary, leaves and other forms of tasks are just some of the HR tasks that can be digitised and automated with HR solutions.

According to reports, the global talent management software market is expected to reach US$16.82 billion by 2026. Among the factors driving talent management software are the development of social platforms and the growing user base of these platforms. Also, newer employees today demand the need for better performance management, especially since they feel the mundane, traditional methods in HR are often time-consuming.

With businesses looking to embrace IR4.0, digitalisation of organisations is part of the journey. Talent management solutions ensure your organisation is fully capable of modern-day capabilities such as automation in HR. Also, the growing number of IoT devices and workplace mobility require mobile-based talent management software to ensure efficiency.

Cloud-based HR solutions for talent management allow HR personnel to make the most of automation and digitisation. SAP Success Factors are a suite of SAP products that provide a cloud-based solution to manage diverse HR functions. These include business alignment, people performance, recruitment and learning activities for organisations of all sizes.

To understand more about SAP Success Factors and also if your HR is ready to embrace IR4.0 by digitising and automating HR, click here.