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Mapp launches Smart Alerts for the Intelligent Detection of Data Anomalies
December 18, 2019 News


With Smart Alerts, Mapp, a leading provider of cloud-based digital marketing solutions, now offers customers an intelligent tool for the detection of data anomalies, whether it’s positive or negative. The application of Artificial Intelligence helps to monitor all relevant metrics and dimensions automatically. It helps users by not having to search for anomalies themselves, but of being actively alerted to them as soon as they happen. This takes more time for detailed data analysis and optimization of online marketing activities and strategies. Another important function was added to Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk, targeting both marketers and data analysts in the finance, e-commerce, and publishing sectors.

Smart Alerts provides automated notifications based on artificial intelligence. Should business-critical metrics evolve outside of predicted bandwidths, all relevant stakeholders are swiftly informed via email. The system continuously monitors both the metrics and the characteristics of individual dimensions. This enables companies to keep up to date with the number of visitors in their top advertising channels.

The alerts provide information based on both positive and negative spikes. While anomalies are automatically and immediately identified, it is no longer necessary to constantly keep an eye on the websites and apps of interest. This saves marketers and data analysts valuable time and allows them to concentrate on optimizing their activities – or to identify and eliminate bugs and malfunctions faster than before.

Mapp can provide its customers with pre-defined Smart Alerts, but companies are also able to configure their own monitoring mechanisms. Users have access to the complete set of generated data, with the use of Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk. At the same time, a differentiated view of individual metrics is possible. For instance, data can be clustered according to geolocation, traffic sources, or device classes. In this way, it is possible to prevent significant deviations from being concealed by the average value of all data.

Hagen Zimmermann, Senior Web Analyst of the online retailer for family shopping, MYTOYS GROUP: “With Smart Alerts, we are able to monitor our main KPIs fully automated and are notified when anomalies appear. That way, we can always react quickly.”

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp: “Smart Alerts are another step to streamline the daily work of marketers and data analysts. Automating monitoring processes facilitates fast and effective action. Regardless of whether a successful campaign drives higher traffic than usual, or a problem occurs on their websites or apps, our customers always retain a clear overview of what’s happening. With Smart Alerts, Mapp Intelligence powered by Webtrekk acquires yet another key function that is geared to the wishes of our customers.”