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MapR Expands Free On-Demand Training and Development Resources for AI and Analytics


MapR® Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry’s leading data platform for AI and Analytics, today announced a comprehensive program focused on customer production success. The program consists of multiple components including more than 30 free, professional-grade, on-demand MapR Academy courses; certification tracks for developers, administrators, and data scientists; an expanded support portal and knowledge base; and containerized clusters and code for hands-on experience. The purpose of these components is to spotlight the capabilities and features that make it possible to successfully deploy in mission-critical production environments.

“According to Gartner, in its January 2018 report, Enabling Essential Data Governance for Successful Big Data Architecture Deployment, ‘only 17% of Hadoop deployments are in production in 2017 among customers surveyed,'” said Jack Norris, senior vice president, data and applications, MapR Technologies. “Comparatively, MapR enjoys customer retention rates of 98% with nearly all customers deployed successfully in production. These training, support and software resources are relevant to any organization looking at how to best leverage data for their business.”

MapR Academy includes an additional 33 free on-demand courses aimed at providing in-depth technical content to cluster administrators, developers, and data analysts to enable quicker development and deployment. The comprehensive curriculum is available 24/7 to meet the needs of globally dispersed teams. Courses range from Essentials short courses geared to the business user to lab-focused series for

“We believe productions success starts with providing technical teams with the highest quality training possible, on their own terms. People want binge-worthy training, and they want it on their own schedule because technical professionals are taking charge and curating their own learning experiences,” said Suzanne Ferry, vice president, global training and enablement. “MapR’s on-demand courses are open to all project stakeholders – anyone wanting training can get it. Technical people can find courses unique to their role, then explore and grow their skills by choosing among a variety of other course curricula. AI is a team sport and we are proud to enable the entire team.”