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MapR powers e-commerce in Southeast Asia
February 25, 2016 News

MapR Converged Data Platform has been chosen to power Lazada’s e-commerce operations in Southeast Asia.

MapR is enabling Lazada to analyse behavioral data in real time, as well as to centralise and process data from systems located in multiple countries.

The popular online shopping and selling destination Lazada offers about 16 million products across more than 13 categories to consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

It has more than 10 million customers in the region as at end 2015 and will celebrate its fourth birthday in March 2016.

“Big data is core to how Lazada operates and MapR will play an essential role in helping us realise our goals,” said John Berns, senior vice president, head of data science, Lazada Group. “The MapR platform provides a better, more stable file system and built-in security features that keep access under control.  Additionally, we are evaluating the innovative document store capabilities in MapR-DB as well as its ability to manage fast and large amounts of data across multiple data centese.  We expect to deploy MapR throughout our operational systems to provide us with a unified view of our data.”

Capture more data

Lazada will leverage Spark and Hadoop to capture more data in greater detail to service customers in a more cost effective way.

The MapR Platform will be able to provide a unified and more granular view into operations and customer online behavior in real time.

By centralising marketing data from systems located in multiple regions, this platform will help Lazada gain a 360-degree view of marketing, including immediate insights on segments, campaigns and products.

Lazada will thus be able to optimise marketing spend as well as provide more personalised services to customers.

“We are excited to work with the largest e-commerce site in the Southeast Asia region,” said Martin Darling, vice president, Asia Pacific/Japan, MapR Technologies. “Lazada continuously provides its customers with a superior experience for online shopping. With the MapR Platform, we aim to help our customers fully process, analyse and act on their data in real time to generate additional revenue, optimize operations and minimise business risk.”


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