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MARii, PROTON, CATARC and DRB-HICOM sign MoU to accelerate the adoption of next-generation mobility technologies
January 8, 2020 News


The Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii), China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), DRB-HICOM and PROTON signed MoUs on a strategic cooperation that adds new value dimensions to the development of next-generation vehicle (NxGV) testing facilities in Malaysia, a first of its kind in the Southeast Asian region.


“As testing and homologation is a logistically sensitive item in the development of any vehicle, we are working to offer full-fledged testing solutions according to latest NxGV technology developments, in line with safety regulations, policies and standards. This MoU with CATARC is an important milestone for Malaysia in its progress to be a NxGV hub in the ASEAN region”, said Datuk Madani Sahari, CEO MARii.


The agreement will see new facilities being built in the country which will include the establishment of an Autonomous, Automated and Connected Vehicle testbed in Cyberjaya and a National Automotive Testing Centre in Tanjung Malim.


“It is not just about creating a hub to test cars. The facilities will include a test track, a big data analytics centre, a robotics centre, an IoT centre as well as a smart city planning centre. Currently we do not have such facilities here and have started building one with the hope of completing it by 2023 with help from CATARC,” added Datuk Madani.


Datuk Madani pointed out that only a small portion of the hub is funded by the government with the majority of funding coming in from the private sector.


“This collaboration will unlock access to the ASEAN market, and the expertise of our business, especially in terms of testing and certification, could be shared to the Malaysian and ASEAN automotive industries in the foreseeable future. Malaysia will be the third country we are collaborating for a facility.”, said Zhou Hua, General Manager of CATARC.


The MoUs are also a key milestone to establish academic and relevant human capital development programmes to enhance Malaysia’s automotive workforce. For DRB Hicom, they will collaborate to establish new programs in line with industry demands, including value chain development and market expansion. Programmes will include advanced automotive technologies modules related to Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), NxGV and Industry 4.0, to create a critical pool of highly skilled talent in the areas of future mobility.


MARii will be focusing on knowledge and expertise transfer, standardisation of technical standards and the construction of facilities within the test centre to enhance domestic capabilities in the development and testing of NxGVs within the ASEAN region.


For Proton, the MoU will potentially enable them to collaborate with and leverage on CATARC’s research and development facilities, especially in the areas of testing related activities.