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MATRIXX Collaborates with Amazon Web Services to Help Communications Service Providers Monetise 5G
April 21, 2020 News


MATRIXX Software, a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), announced it is working with AWS to offer a Digital Transformation Assessment. The assessment includes a jumpstart workshop designed to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) accelerate their digital journey, which includes the monetisation of 5G services and improved customer experience.

The curated workshop lays out the foundation for a winning digital experience, provides insights into business opportunities, helps CSPs evaluate their current journey and supports the development of a high-level transformation path with MATRIXX.

MATRIXX’s Digital Commerce Platform with AWS enables service providers to rapidly deliver compelling 5G business and consumer services,” explains MATRIXX Software CTO Marc Price. “Our research has indicated that customers value services that meaningfully address their interests and create a ‘wow’ factor. MATRIXX and AWS help companies realize 5G’s full potential, driving greater adoption and successful monetization.”

MATRIXX and AWS will host workshops to identify a CSP’s unique transformation challenges, opportunities and cultural considerations as part of the Digital Transformation Assessment, with a focus on business, platform, operations, people, governance and security.

By delivering a superior experience and identifying new opportunities to monetise services, MATRIXX will demonstrate digital transformation use cases during the workshop while showcasing how the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform can increase engagement with a service provider’s end-customer. MATRIXX and AWS together will deliver each CSP workshop attendee a high-level strategic direction framework leveraging the two platforms to jumpstart their digital transformation program.

Designed and built for the modern era, the multi-patented, award-winning MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is designed to enable a digital-first reinvention of telco. Harnessing a cloud native architecture, MATRIXX allows operators to scale a new generation of services quickly and effectively, while ensuring the high availability of distributed systems. Built to scale for digital, 5G and IoT services, the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is designed to provide operators the agility and elasticity needed to compete and win now – and in the future. The software can enable massive flexibility in how products and services are packaged, making it possible to bring personalized offers to market at web speed. Companies can move off of complex, expensive IT infrastructure and onto a single platform capable of running their entire business at a fraction of the cost with the MATRIXX platform.