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MDEC Big Data Team is Spreading The Word


Two years ago when MDEC first put time effort and money into producing a vibrant and well attended big data week that started the theme of positioning Malaysia as a Big Data Hub for ASEAN many people were skeptical.

Criticism was leveled that the event might have been successful but what about the follow up. We believe the MDEC BDA team has answered those questions.

Big Community is lucky to have ongoing access to Dr Karl’s BDA team at MDEC and we are able to see the work that has been going on.

The really important work that the team takes on is not the high profile events – they are catalysts for the really hard work they put in to leverage the interest that these headline events create.

Since that time the team has really put in the miles, hours and sweat to drive up BDA adoption and skills and tirelessly pursued the ADAX project which will serve two purposes – continue to drive up Malaysia’s own BDA capability and provide a physical location which will be a genuine hub to bring Big Data talent from around ASEAN to Malaysia.

Since that pivotal event in 2015 MDEC have driven the Big App challenge – driving over 1000 people to participate in in Big Data hackathons – the perfect entry point to start the big data skills learning journey.

They followed up Big Data week 2015 with BDW 2016 nearly doubling the attendance from 2000 people to 3500 people – demonstrating that they have not just kept the Buzz alive they have tangibly increased the national interest level in Big Data.

In addition by forging partnerships with the private sector MDEC are already way ahead of schedule to produce 1500 data scientists in Malaysia by 2020.

The MDEC BDA team run a tough schedule but when you speak to anyone in the team it is clear to see they are driven by a purpose to help drive Malaysia’s Digital Transformation.

This week in particular has been a really busy week for the team. Dr Karl the head of MDECs Big Data Team has been in Indonesia attending  the Analytics Leaders Summit event in Jakarta. He had the chance to speak in front of crowd of real big data enthusiasts. The people that attended genuinely look at the work and results of Dr Karl’s team and feedback they feel they can look to Malaysia for guidance on how to drive their own BDA adoption plans.




The real clincher according to Dr Karl is when he spells out plans for ADAX. “People in Indonesia are as excited about ADAX as the groups I present to in Malaysia” He explains more “This is really gratifying as we see ADAX as the magnet that will position us as the BDA hub in the region and as we go round and talk to people we are finding that this is proving to be the case.”




Jack Lim who works in Dr Karl’s team has been in the Philippines this week, looking to tell the Big Data Eco system there a similar message to the one Dr Karl delivered in Jakarta.




Jack told us that he really took great pride in being able to present MDECs work at the Calabarzon Research and Statistics forum which took place in Manilla at the Cavite University. Jack was able to present to students, researchers and government officials including leaders from the Philippine department of science technology. He was honored to share a platform with the local mayor and council members, adding real credibility to the message he delivered. In Jacks own words “Everyone was WOWed by ADAX and they are already working out how they send their own student over to us to pick up data science knowledge and collaborate in region wide projects” Jack also explained that once they understood ADAX they even realised it would be great platform to collaborate with us on BDA start ups.




We are genuinely impressed with the passion and work rate of the team Dr Karl has put together. We know that people often wonder just how effective their work is, but it is clear that have a purpose and goals along with a defined action plan to execute, all focused on making Malaysia a genuine hub.

If you want to get involved, learn more about ADAX or even arrange a hackathon, let us know we will put you in touch with the team at MDEC they will be happy to help.