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MDEC Discusses Big Data Science At IUMW Campus
November 25, 2016 News

The Big Data Science and Applications International Seminar was held for its 3rd consecutive year running at the International University of Malaya-Wales on 25th and 26th November. The event was in partnership with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Speaking for MDEC at the event was Head of Big Data Analytics Programs, NurAzreena Binti Azizan who explained to the delegates the main roles that MDEC plays in bringing the country closer to becoming a Digital Nation.

MDEC is mainly creating the eco system, setting up conducive environments for start ups and also looking to work with enterprises and companies who are looking at adopting Big Data Analytics. Their efforts include driving up BDA adoption and talent by working with companies, institutions and governments worldwide.


Currently their efforts have produced 200 Data Scientists in the span of 3 years. Their target is to achieve 2,000 Data Scientists and 20,000 Data Professionals by 2020. The other big contribution MDEC are involved with towards this initiative, is the ASEAN Data Analytics eXchange (ADAX) hub, where Big Data Analytics (BDA) technologies, business leaders, and community can converge into a collaborative public-private partnership platform to embrace BDA adoptions.

“The hub will be located in Bangsar South and will be the location where all interested parties in Big Data can come and use as a ‘Sandbox’ environment”, she says. Adding that ADAX will hold everything under one roof in terms of what a start up or an enterprise would need to run their analytics. There will be 11 Data Scientists stationed there to help run analytics and create visualtizations at no cost to the companies.

“This cross platform initiative will not be just featured in Malaysia, but across the whole of ASEAN. Your technologies or solutions will be utilised and displayed for all collaborators, researchers, policy makers and anyone who will make ADAX their go-to-location for all things BDA”, she said.

To questions from the delegates, she says Malaysian government is in close collaboration with Big Data leaders around the world such as China, Silicon Valley and are also setting up working environments for Malaysian companies to collaborate with them.

“One of our efforts is in bringing in big conglomerates to partner and look at signing on Malaysian bred companies and talents. We have been very successful in this area so far and are looking at bringing in many more big companies. This is really good news for students such as those of you here who are studying Data Sciences. Your future is very bright”, she added while addressing the students in the crowd.

In closing, Azreena invited students interested in starting up their own companies, to head over to MDEC office with their ideas. MDEC has an open door policy in searching out entreprenuers. She also invited companies who are already running BDA initiatives, to share their success stories with them.