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Meet GERI, the artificial intelligence personal coach


Personal trainers can be expensive but for those looking to get fit, they can also provide the right motivation.

Now you can install the personal coach GERI on your mobile device for free.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), GERI is designed to help users achieve their fitness goals.

First, users select one out of four “health goals” – gaining muscle, losing weight, feeling better or getting fitter – on the application called GETGREAT.

GERI, the personal coach on the app, will then assign the relevant programmes.

And like the typical personal trainer, GERI will remind you of the need to hit your targets.

GETGREAT also includes a whole host of other features including health tips curated from the web or customised ones to meet the user’s needs.

If more motivation is needed, the app features monthly and special challenges in exchange for rewards such as vouchers.

The app can be synced to fitness trackers to ensure goals are met, and can be linked to friends and family to motivate others to get fit as well.

The app was one of two launched on Tuesday (April 17) by insurance firm Great Eastern. The other app – UPGREAT – gives users access to loyalty benefits and rewards.

Mr Ryan Cheong, managing director (Strategy and Transformation) of Great Eastern, said: “We are doing this because we believe that the interaction with our customers should be on an everyday basis, but not necessarily around insurance benefits.

“There are many things that our customers care about or that we can do as an extension of insurance.”

He said the apps are not limited to Great Eastern policy holders.