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Microsoft enabling business workplace mobility and transformation
April 14, 2020 News


Microsoft signed an MoU with Maxis a couple of weeks ago. The MoU will see Maxis leveraging on Microsoft’s technology for some solutions. Following the signing, we caught up with K.Raman, Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia to get his views on the MoU and Microsoft’s plans for the businesses in Malaysia.

According to Raman, Maxis’s leadership in IoT and 5G, coupled with Microsoft’s cutting-edge Azure IoT technology enabled them to empower industries with the right solutions to build smart utilities and other connected applications. Microsoft and Maxis encourage businesses to carefully asses their options and conduct their due diligence before embarking on their digital transformation journey.

“Our role at Microsoft is to provide businesses with solutions that inspire confidence in our clients, backed by a state-of-the-art cybersecurity infrastructure that will allow businesses to fully embrace digital transformation without worrying about anything other than digitally-powered business growth.”

Raman added that as employees want the ability to work from any device, anywhere and anytime, businesses will want to keep IT infrastructure simplified and secure, which is where Microsoft’s products and services come in. They enable greater employee productivity, efficiency and collaboration.

“Microsoft Teams, for example, is a cloud-based collaboration tool that plays an important role in the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications. Its core capabilities include business messaging, calling, video-calling, scheduling and document sharing. It is designed to easily integrate with other Microsoft Office solutions, taking business productivity to whole new level, which is also a key objective of our MoU with Maxis.”


The modern workplace

With COVID-19 disrupting operations of most businesses, many companies now need to switch their working culture. Working from home is no longer something organisations can consider but has become the only way to ensure their productivity continues. With that said, security and accessibility is also an important concern for businesses.

Microsoft believes a new security approach is needed for today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world. This involves putting trust at the core of all of Microsoft’s technology and solutions to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

“Our unique insights into the threat landscape, informed by trillions of signals from billions of sources, create an intelligent security graph that we use to inform how we protect all endpoints, better detect attacks and accelerate our response. This intelligence informs our product development, our security offerings and our go-forward strategy for delivering continuous and holistic security to our customers. While mobility and accessibility is crucial in this day and age, security will always be an utmost priority.”

With that said, Raman added that Malaysian organisations are well prepared to move all their workloads onto the cloud, especially with the infrastructure already in place for them. The only question he has is whether businesses are willing to do it now or later.

“Digital transformation is no longer a question of “if” but “when”, and in Malaysia, the time is now. That said, it is comforting to see that the Malaysian government and their agencies are cognizant of this fact and are playing their part in encouraging businesses to embrace technology in their organisation.”

With Microsoft in Malaysia for over 25 years, Raman added the company is constantly looking for ways to collaborate with organisations in the country to grow the nation’s digital economy, to enhance education and accessibility and to encourage the adoption of new technologies not just at work, but in day to day interactions as well.