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Microsoft Malaysia partners MIMOS to establish AI & IoT schools in Malaysia


Microsoft Malaysia and MIMOS Berhad have signed a memorandum of understanding on AI development which signifies the establishment of the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Schools in Malaysia. Minister of International Trade and Industry Darell Leiking witnessed the exchange and officiated the launch of Microsoft’s Publication, “A Cloud for Global Good in Asia.”

The policy book developed by Microsoft, offers recommendations for governments, industry and civil society on the opportunities of evenly sharing technologies, identifying society challenges as well as practical solutions. The book also mark’s its first entry into the South East Asian region.

In his speech, the minister addressed the importance for technology to play its role in the development of the nation. He hoped the collaboration would allow more local SMEs to develop their skills and become the best in the region.

Microsoft Malaysia Managing Director, K. Raman said Microsoft’s aim is to help local tech companies embrace the digital challenges with AI and IoT. He added that this would help them develop smarter applications and help local businesses become global.

“Malaysia is currently 4th in the region in terms of AI adoption. We are providing MIMOS with the tools to help develop the local tech.”

Raman added that the policy book, A Cloud for Global Good in Asia, will help industries build trust in tech and be more responsible.

MIMOS Chief Technology Officer, Thillai Raj added, “MIMOS will make full use of the Microsoft cloud. It allows quicker adoption of AI by all local industries. We hope to see more technology adoption and innovation from our local industries.”

The collaboration will see Microsoft providing a training platform and tools for entrepreneurs and start-ups under the MIMOS Technology Recipients Program so that they can venture further into the world of AI and IOT to help build their knowledge on data science, machine learning and AI modelling. This includes conducting workshops on IoT and AI to help train young entrepreneurs to properly leverage these fast emerging technologies.